ID238 Diocese of Buye—Burundi $65,511.00
Construction of a Multipurpose Hall in Ngozi Town
To construct a multipurpose hall for holding conferences and meetings for the community of the northern region of Burundi. By creating such a space where people will discuss and share what is affecting their daily life such as gender based violence, corruption, poor democracy and governance it is the hoped the different ways of policy monitoring and advocacy can help to change these unjust structures of society.

Diocese of Alaska $105,000.00
Talitha Cum
St James the Fisherman—Kodiak Island
St. James the Fisherman owns a very large five-bedroom rectory that has been sitting empty for many years as the parish has not had a full time priest. Homelessness is a major problem on Kodiak Island. The Talitha Cum (Young Woman Rise!) project will renovate the Parish Rectory to provide for two apartments, meeting building safety codes, which can then be used to provide for two local families who are presently homeless. This is to provide not only housing, but to strengthen existing ties with local agencies.

Diocese of Arkansas $23,473
Camp Mitchell Agricultural Projec
Provides a tractor, frontend loader, tiller and other garden supplies to create an ongoing garden project where children, youth and adults can gain educational experience in sustainable growing practices. It will show an awareness of the part our faith plays in the relationship between us and God’s grand creation.

Diocese of Atlanta $17,500.00
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Children
Companion Diocese of Haiti
To help save the lives and improve the health of mothers and their newborn children by increasing the knowledge and skills of Haitian Traditional Birth Attendants in Petit-Goave, Haiti, a rural community located 40 miles west of Port-au-Prince. By providing women quality maternal care, this project will reduce the likelihood of debilitating complications and effectively empower the women to lead healthier, more productive lives.

ID304 Diocese of Atlanta $34,280.91
Five Smooth Stones-Bullying Educational DVD Facilitator Guide
Recipient 2013 John Hines Social Justice Award
St. Anthony's Episcopal Church, Winder Georgia
To fund the initial publishing of the film on bullying, Five Smooth Stones, and its companion Facilitator/Study Guide for distribution, marketing and sales for the purpose of anti-bullying education. Bullying is a major current societal problem wherever children are present. This film is by children, for children. It is to be used primarily as a tool for children, educators, religious, administrators, group leaders, etc. to learn and understand how, where and why bullying takes place and to create an awareness of the various situations that can lead to this type of abuse.

ID 376
Diocese of California $5000,00
Eat Your Greens! Healthy Seasonal Meals Made Easy
St Edmund’s Episcopal Church, Pacifica, CA
Eat You Greens! will provide clients of the Pacifica Resource Center with the following: a) hands-on experience preparing, cooking, serving, and storing the fresh organic produce that is made available to them through the Resource Center; b) nutritional information about the food they are preparing; c) nutritional information about the benefits of eating fresh organic produce instead of processed or canned food; d) a crock pot (slow cooker) along with instruction and experience in its use; e) information about growing similar produce at home.

ID 315
Diocese of Chicago $10,000.00
Gracie’s Cafe - Rebuilding lives
St Leonard’s Ministries
To purchase a cargo van that will be needed to transport food items sold in the café. The food will come from the Michael Barlow Kitchen Classroom. Former incarcerated men and women will complete skill Classes for transitional employment in the food service business.

Diocese of Colorado $45,000.00
St Francis Center Homeless Shelter Expansion
St. Francis center helps men and women end their homelessness through case management, employment, housing placement and post-homeless services. Daily the center connects men and women with healthcare and mental health services that are often difficult to obtain. This grant will allow expansion to an additional 150 people.

Diocese of Colorado $26,625.00
Primary Care Training for Women Health Workers
Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli (in Diaspora)—Companion Diocese
Train women in Sudan with basic skills and to help mothers and children in the Refugee Camps. Women and children, as well as the elderly, are dying in great numbers in Yida Camp while others are living in caves in the liberated areas without basic hygiene, medicine, or midwifery care. The population is without training in health care, almost no trained doctors are available and many deaths could be prevented if individuals could be equipped with basic knowledge. This grant will help save lives

ID 310 Diocese of Connecticut $12,800,00
Food for All & Food f All , Jr
Episcopal Church of the Holy Advent (Our Community Cares , Inc )
Our purpose is to convert nearly two acres of overgrown church property into productive use – specifically, to grow fresh produce for the needy families who turn to the Clinton Food Pantry and others in the Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries network; and to help young people understand the importance of local agriculture, participate in growing organic food, and eat more healthy vegetables. The project is designed as a small farm rather than a neighborhood garden or community space with individual plots, in order to facilitate teaching as well as growing.

ID371 Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf $16,718
Anglican Domestic and Foreign Worker Outreach Programme
Hire an Outreach Worker for one year to establish a volunteer based program which will reach out to assist mostly single and younger foreign domestics and students who are often abused, have few rights and are objects of discrimination. These domestics and students often come from 3rd world countries with false promises and are vulnerable to mistreatment with no recourse. The Outreach Worker will develop a training manual kept in the churches to train volunteers to continue this work into the future.

Diocese of Davao $22,000
Cathedral Church of St. Philip and St. James

The Philippines
Assist in building a cathedral in this newly formed diocese by funding the creation of the Center for Women and Children. This center is envisioned to provide services for "victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse through supportive services, community education and cooperative partnerships that foster hope, promote self-sufficiency and rebuild lives."

Diocese of the Dominican Republic $162,817
Santa Cruz Vocational School
Santa Fe. The Dominican Repupblic
Construction of a Vocational School near San Pedro de Marcoris to train youth (men and women) offering vocational skills in construction, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, sewing, cooking/baking, secretarial, computer and information systems and languages. To do this the money will be used to add a 2nd floor to a vacated school building creating a sizeable two-story space for program.

Diocese of East Carolina $41,500
Ruth’s House, Inc.
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Washington, N. C.
Provides the first year salary for a Development Officer and Program Coordinator to improve this ecumenical shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence in Beaufort County. Also, these funds will be used to install security measures to the house for the safety of the residents.

Diocese of East Tennessee $18,109
Neema Resettlement Outreach Ministries: Taking Root Community Garden
Community Partnership: Greater Chattanooga
Provides part-time salary for garden project staff person to provide oversight for an expansion of the current garden promoting self-sufficiency for refugees and immigrants from 5 Episcopal congregations. This project offers gardening, cooking classes, social connectedness and community building, expanding language skills, healthy food and advocacy.

Diocese of Eastern Oregon $11,265.00
Growing Food and Building Community
Ascension School Camp and Conference Center
To expand a successful program with children by increasing families’ access to fresh produce and to educate those families about nutrition. This will be done this by expanding the garden with a greenhouse, establishing a food distribution system, promoting nutrition and building a community with neighbors. A monthly harvest dinner in the fall and winter, featuring food from the garden will be provided.

Diocese of Ecuador Litoral $18,559.00
Enclosure of Church Property
San Jos Obrero, Blanke
A wall is to be constructed around the church property to enclose the space, which is in a dangerous area of the community. The purpose is to give security to the children of the nursery garden; also to give security to the property of the Church. Enclosing this area and adding a garage as part of the self-reliance. There will be income from the garage to maintain the enclosure.

ID323 Diocese of Georgia $27,000
Urban Agricultural Mission in the Diocese of Georgia
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Thomasville
Three parishes are joining to develop a community garden in a historically African-American neighborhood surrounding Good Shepherd Episcopal Church plan to join together to form an Urban Agricultural Mission to grow crops on the grounds of one of the parishes. The parishes will involve the community and neighborhood to help plan, develop, plant, care for, harvest and distribute crops, and to assist in creating a sustainability plan. This is the first step in transforming this depressed community.

ID340 Diocese of Hawaii $15,000.00
A Cup of Cold Water: A Community Care Van Outreach of the Episcopal Church on Maui
Good Shepherd, Wailuku; Holy Innocents, Lahaina; Trinity by the Sea, Kihei; and Saint John’s, Kula.
To provide a van for the delivery of services and products to individuals who do not have access to what they need. It is not intended to be a passenger van to transport people. The van will deliver items that address basic human needs (water, nutritious snacks, footwear, clothing, hygiene kits, sunscreen, caps, and basic first-aid supplies) as well as to provide physical, mental, and spiritual comfort to Maui’s most vulnerable neighbors - the homeless, poor, working poor, outcast, stranger and lonely.

ID335 Diocese of Iowa $13,100.00
The ECS Diocese of Nzara Agricultural Assistance Program
Companion Diocese of Nzara (South Sudan)
To establish 14 model gardens and give the trained Agricultural Extension Technician the tools and resources to teach and to demonstrate modern agriculture practices - crop rotation, pest management and new crops to farmers in the worn torn, but new country of South Sudan. A motorcycle will allow the Agricultural Extension Technician to travel from garden to garden over the 8000 mile terrain.

Diocese of Jerusalem (International Partnership) $77,450.00
Providing a Full Rehabilitation Program for Children with Disabilities
The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children
To implement a full comprehensive rehabilitation program, including a pool therapy program. The hydrotherapy pool is in dire need of repair or replacement, each child and mother will be in this program for two weeks. Parents learn how to support their children when they leave the centre.

Diocese of Kansas $24,360.00
EWARM Refugee Learning and Self-Sufficiency Computer Laboratory
Episcopal Wichita Area Refugee Ministry (EWARM)
To expand the accessibility of available job-readiness training services. There is an increased need for refugee-specific training in preparation for gainful employment and ultimately self-sufficiency. Processors, Keyboards, Mouse with pads, Monitors, Printers/Scanner, Software as needed to furnish the laboratory.

Diocese of Kurunagala $56,460.00
Purchase of Motor Vehicles for Diocesan Pastoral Activity
Church of Ceylon--International Partnership
To purchase 1 Toyota Hiace reconditioned van for the Ven. Archdeacon. Purchase 10 Nos. Bajaj Platina BM 125 Motor Cycles for Clergy and Lay Workers. It is extremely difficult to reach the people because of the rural areas and poor roads. This Country is still passing through a Post War rehabilitation period; it is still in the process of resettling population and helping trace back lost family ties. Psychological and emotional problems affect many people. Pastoring on a personal basis, Counseling and Rehabilitation to achieve self- sufficiency has become a major concern.

Diocese of Maine $30,000.00
School for Sts. Simon and Jude, Duny
Companion Diocese of Haiti
To build a new weatherproof school which will replace the shed with a rusty corrugated metal roof nailed to wooden poles used for a school. It will provide adequate space for the current number of students in the morning and allow for an increased number of students in the afternoon session even during inclement weather. With ample space more children of Duny from kindergarten through sixth grade will be ensured a better education and will offer the opportunity to attend school.

Diocese of Maine $13,625.00
Food for Thought : Feeding Students in Lincoln County
St Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Quotes from this grant application: Our goal in providing nutrition to students is to give them a chance to be good scholars, to get a good education and to succeed in life. There are numerous creative synergies about this project. For example, we boost our rural economy by sourcing food locally when possible and by engaging low-income kids in our teen agricultural training program and the Morris Farm to grow food for us. Inmates of Two Bridges Jail will receive food bank shipments, prep and fill backpacks. Meal sites provide safe places to play and be physically active, for parents and kids to socialize and to find a place where people genuinely care about them. When we address hunger, we begin to address all the things that go along with poverty and hunger: drug abuse, domestic violence, corruption and crime, a collapsed economy with few opportunities.

It’s not just about sandwiches. It’s about putting the Kingdom of God in a lunch bag.

Diocese of Milwaukee $ 7,965.00
Mkoma Underground Water Tank
Companion Diocese of Newala (Tanzania)
To construct an underground tank to hold harvested rainwater which will help supply the needs of people in the community of Mkoma in the new Diocese of Newala in Tanzania. The water harvested will provide safe drinking water, thus improving the health of the community and reduce the need to rely on other sources that are dependent on intermittent power supply. This is especially important during the dry season.

Diocese of Minnesota $8,700
Upgrade Kitchen Equipment for Community Meals
St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Kasson, MN
Purchase a gas range, refrigerator, oven and small freezer to be able to accommodate meals for a rapidly expanding feeding ministry, “A Place at the Table”. Initially the project served those struggling with addiction but now serves a much broader population for meals and fellowship.

Diocese of Mississippi $2000,00
MSU Canterbury Accessibility
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
This grant will make Canterbury Lodge more accessible to handicapped persons. There is a wooden ramp now but it can’t bear the weight of motorized wheelchairs; motorized wheel chairs offer handicapped students more accessibility to campus activities; with a new ramp more students will be able to access Canterbury Lodge.

ID233 Diocese of Missouri $9,674.91
EC21 Tech Hub (Episcopal Church of the 21
st Century Technology Hub)
Episcopal Church of The Good Shepherd, St. Louis, MO
Provides equipment for a technology enabled meeting space for up to 235 people serving both The Church of the Good Shepherd and the surrounding community to enable evangelism and outreach. Among other benefits it will allow sessions with their companion diocese of Lui and missioners on trips to Sudan and Nicaragua.

ID232 Diocese of Montana $8,500
Tri-County/Tri-Parish Woodbank Equipment Upgrade
St. James Episcopal Church, Dillon, MT
Some 600 underprivileged individuals and families live in our service area. Some will not be adequately protected from the cold winter months if we do not increase fuel wood production. We need a chain conveyor and hoist kits to be able to cut greater quantities of wood in order to heat homes during the winter months. This ministry is serviced by 3 cooperating churches covering 3 counties.

Diocese of Navajoland Area Mission $49,500.00
Navajoland Moving Forward
To purchase two vehicles. Two new Navajo priests are being added to the one presently serving. This grant will allow Navajoland to replace or add vehicles for regional and congregational ministry. All of the ministry and pastoral care require vehicles capable of driving on unpaved roads .

Diocese of New Hampshire $12,000.00
A New Roof to Expand Outreach in Berlin
ST Barnabas Church Berlin
To continue to expand the mission of servicing the hungry, poor, low-income seniors, the building needs to be made safe and secure. The roof needs to be replaced to solve an exterior drainage problem that causes flooding in the undercroft. Storm windows are needed, and a broken exhaust fan in the kitchen must be replaced.

Diocese of New Jersey $40,000
Samaritan House
All Saints Church, Lakewood, NJ
Renovate the 3rd floor of the old Rectory, Montgomery House, to be able to provide accommodations for 12 homeless people who will live in community. This service is offered for one month by contract with extensions if needed while these people look for more permanent housing and avail themselves of needed community services.

Diocese of New York $30,000
Ibihwa Vocational Training Center/The Carpenter’s Kids
Companion Diocese of Central Tanganyika (Tanzania)
Purchase a truck for the Vocational Center to transport Carpenter’s Kids and staff to the center, food and supplies, materials for vocational training, sick students and staff to the health center/hospital and suitable transport for visitors and supporters.

ID364 Diocese of North Carolina $14,275.00
Circles Chatham
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Pittsboro, NC
To equip financially insecure families and individuals with access to opportunities, education, and long-term supportive relationships that will enable them to achieve self-sufficiency. The focus of the program is in doing WITH rather than doing for those who want to make the journey out of poverty. It uses a one-stop-shop approach with the total community agreeing to draw on educational, workplace, financial, social service, non-profit, and faith-based resources to meet the needs and goals of the people served

ID291 Diocese of North Dakota $48,958.00
St James Ikpanazin Rebuilding Fund
St James Episcopal Church in the community of Cannon Ball on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.
To build and furnish a multipurpose building for worship and other community ministry. This building will replace the church that was burned to the ground by arson July 25th, 2012. The people gathered to define what this building needs to be: to inspire worship; to have beauty; to be connected to Native American culture; to be an extension of the people who are the congregation; to be a building that communicates God's desire to come among them as Native people.

Diocese of Oklahoma $20,502.00
New Hope Kitchen Renovation
Christ Church, Tulsa
Purchase and install kitchen equipment to be able to provide hot meals for children at Christ Church, South Tulsa, to expand services offered by New Hope After School Program for children of incarcerated parents.

Diocese of Rio Grande $5,000.00
Living in the Solution
St. Stephen's Episcopal Mission, Espanola, New Mexico
Funds to construct a Serenity Garden to augment services already provided by St. Stephen’s through programs like AA, Al-Anon and other services to address problems of addiction (alcohol, drugs and gambling). The garden on the church grounds would encourage meditation, privacy and anonymity for the 12-step groups.

Diocese of San Diego $65,771.00
Homeless Mobile Showers Project
Trinity Chapel Episcopal Church Center Community Project
To purchase and operate a self-contained two shower unit mounted on a 14-foot trailer which can be moved to approved locations on a rotating, scheduled basis to provide shower facilities and that provide services for men, women and children who are homeless. This unit shower trailer will increase the level of sanitation for the homeless community while providing an improvement to the water quality of the local streams, lagoons and the ocean in the Coastal area of San Diego County. Regulatory documents and watershed plans in place for beaches and creeks in the region list homelessness as a documented source of bacteria pollution. Having showers available can meet the needs of one part of society while reducing the levels of bacteria in the recreational waterways of the County used by residents and tourists, thus improving the standard of life for all.

Diocese of Spokane $41,450.000
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Kitchen Expansion
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
The expansion of Holy Trinity’s kitchen facility is necessary to allow expansion of current meal ministries and food-related mission work. New kitchen equipment: dishwasher, refrigerator, prep sink, etc. Construction: extend kitchen floor, move sink, new flooring, remove internal wall.

ID324 Diocese of Upper South Carolina $28,385.00
Gravatt Farm Project
Gravatt Camp and Conference Center
To purchase needed equipment for a year–round environmental program, with a special focus on gardening in Gravatt’s Reach Out Camp, The Gravatt Farm will serve as the classroom for participants to learn how to plant, care for and harvest their vegetables. Tractor, Shed, Seeder, Well, Tiller, etc. will be purchased.

Diocese of South Dakota $65,856
Renovation of Holy Comforter Church
Lower Brule Indian Reservation
This is a diocesan supported mission church on the Lower Brule Indian Reservation which had extensive water damage as a result of frozen water pipes which burst. The grant is to restore the church to functionality following this flooding; includes removing all damaged materials as well as new lighting and heating and cooling.

Diocese of Virginia $25,000.00
Guidance Counseling for At-Risk Youth, K-5
St. Andrew’s School
This is an expanded Guidance Counseling Program. The grant provides Salary of Guidance Counselor and an Anti-Bullying Component of Comprehensive Discovery Challenge Program. Some key areas of intervention include children dealing with grief, loss and trauma. Having a Guidance Counselor at school every day will go a long way in providing the much needed stability that encourages learning.

Diocese of Western Kansas $36,139
Trauma Recovery: Outdoor Retreat Area for Emotionally Disturbed Girls
St. Francis Community Service, inc. A Community Partnership
St. Francis provides a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility for girl's ages 6-18. The children in the PRTF have endured severe abuse/neglect or loss and are experiencing extreme mental, emotional and behavioral reactions to the injustices (child abuse/neglect, loss) they have endured in their young lives. Add an outdoor porch, including rocking chairs and planters to the girl’s cottage to provide a safe and inviting outdoor retreat area for children recovering from trauma who temporarily reside in the St. Francis Community Services, Inc. foster care program.

Diocese of Western Louisiana $12,669
Primary Care for the Vulnerable in Northwest Louisiana
Start-up funding for a Case Manager and a Nurse Practitioner to expand St. Luke’s Episcopal Mobile Medical Ministry which is an outreach ministry of 8 Episcopal Churches. These staff people will act as intermediaries: offering the level of services that are needed for case management; identifying those who just need help accessing the current health care system; offering primary care for those who will never be able to access the current health care system.

Diocese of Western North Carolina $7,150
Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry New Flooring
Calvary Episcopal Church, Hendersonville, NC
Install new vinyl flooring in place of damaged carpeting to serve an expanding food ministry. People use shopping carts to select their own items, hence, improved flooring is needed.

Episcopal Church Department of Mission $40,000
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
For Personal Gifts for Overseas Missionaries to provide monetary gifts for discretionary use of women and men who serve over seas (outside the United States) as Episcopal Missionary Personnel; also to include religious orders for those serving outside the United States; these gifts are to be sent to the recipients at the same time as all other United Thank Offering grant awards.

IDTEC2 Episcopal Church Department of Mission $40,000
The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
For the Young Adults Service Corps (YASC) for discretionary use by YASC missionaries from Province Nine serving the Episcopal Church; these gifts are to be sent to the recipients at the same time as all other United Thank Offering grant awards.